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  • Password Manager Series (Part 1 of 5)

    Posted in Board Brief on Jun 21, 2023

    What are Password Managers (PM)?
    In short, they are an electronic “vault” holding your login & password for the websites you visit and the Apps you use.

    There are three components stored for every website or App requiring a login.

    1. The website address (URL) or Mobile/Tablet App.
    2. A login ID: a unique identifier that separates you from other users (usually but not always your email address).
    3. A password: a unique, strong sequence of alphanumeric and special characters (!@#$%^).

    The PM keeps track of all the websites and Apps you log into.

    The original benefit and application of a PM was to autom...

  • Scam Alert!

    Posted in Board Brief on Jun 08, 2023

    Please be aware that you may be contacted by a person or persons masquerading as a representative of the KTFCU. They will claim to be someone from the KTFCU. They will claim to be contacting you because fraudulent purchases have been made on your Debit or Credit Card.

    They will be asking for personal account information including the last ten digits of your Debit or Credit card.

    The caller ID may show that the call is coming from the KTFCU. Scammers can overlay their caller ID with any number they want (our KTFCU main number in this case-877-1630). The practice is called “Spoofing”.

    DO NOT GI...

  • CD Special

    Posted in KTFCU News on Jun 01, 2023

    Lock in the Great Rates while it's here!

    12 months

    3.75% apy. for a minimum $ 5,000 deposit

    4.00% apy. for a minimum $10,000 deposit

    Simply call us or click link below to send us your CD request.
    Please make sure to include amount and account number. https://kenteachfcu.com/contactus

    30 days notice will be given before the special ends.