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  • unLOCk (Part 2)

    Posted in Board Brief on Nov 21, 2022

    Inflation,Your Money and the Holidays

    Less in Your Cart and Wallet We don’t need to tell you! If your staples (like rent or mortgage, food and transportation expenses) are increasing more than your take-home pay, it cuts into your disposable income (the money you have left).

    How to Cope Budgeting how you spend is key to managing your money. It allows you to look more closely at where the money goes and where you can adjust by reducing or cutting expenses. One obvious place to look is debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is where we can help you.

    Our new product, unLOCk, can be your Key

    How ...

  • unLOCk (Part 1)

    Posted in Board Brief on Oct 19, 2022

    Inflation, Your Money & the Holidays

    Through the end of the year, the Board Brief will look at decisions our members face due to the impact of inflation.

    For the longest time, Fed interest rates have been very low with only nominal inflation (2% or less).

    Since the pandemic, it is running more than 7%; more in certain goods (like homes, gas and the like).

    The Federal Government defines inflation as the change in the costs (over time) of a fixed basket of goods (food, rent, transportation, etc.) bought in an urban setting. The timeframe is usually a comparison of one month to the prior year’s m...

  • Email Phishing

    Posted in Board Brief on Sep 21, 2022

    Email Phishing Getting More and More Sophisticated!

    Whether it is the uncertainty in eastern Europe or elsewhere, scammers are getting more and more sophisticated...and DANGEROUS!

    Look at the email someone received recently who has a Chase VISA Card. Here are the subtleties and traps that the scammer is hoping you don't notice.

    Chase sends their alerts where the text after the @ sign is @alerts.chase.com. This scammer uses a slight alteration - @alertsp.chase.com!

    The ending 4-digits of the credit card is correct!

    The payment Due Date is wrong!

    The balance is wrong! (In fact, the person just p...