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Board Brief

  • Minimizing Exposure to Identity Theft Series (Part 4 of 4)

    Posted in Board Brief on Jul 17, 2024

    Ways WE can protect ourselves from Identity Theft and Scams

    Everyone is susceptible to Identity Theft and Fraud, regardless of age. However, some age groups are more susceptible in certain ways than other groups. For example:

    • Millennials have high instances of ID Theft, especially related to online accounts and are frequently targeted by apartment/rental scams.
    • Gen-Xers have high rates of credit card fraud and ID Theft and are commonly impacted by employment/loan scams and phishing attempts.
    • Baby Boomers have high rates of tax-related ID Theft and fraud and are often targeted by work-from-ho...

  • Minimizing Exposure to Identity Theft Series (Part 3 of 4)

    Posted in Board Brief on Jun 19, 2024

    Myths about Who is Affected by Identity Theft & Scams (Fraud)

    It is a common belief that Identity Theft and Fraud mostly happens to the aged. Here are two graphs for you to consider.

    CC-blog JUNE graphs FINAL.jpg

    What do the graphs tell us?
    In the case of the graph on the left (Identity Theft), those in the age group between ages 30 and 39 were significantly more susceptible. They were about double the other groups and nearly 3.5 times more than seniors!

    In the second graph (Fraud or Scams), they combined the 20-29 & 30-39 age groups and the 40-49 & 50- 59 age groups. This is probably because we are living longer and the ...

  • Minimizing Exposure to Identity Theft Series (Part 2 of 4)

    Posted in Board Brief on May 15, 2024

    We Are Responsible for Our Exposure to Identity Theft & Scams (Fraud).
    Financial scams continue to be in the news. AND, unfortunately, they’re not going away!

    Scams have become so rampant. As a result, we want to focus the next few Board Briefs on the things all of us can and need to do to protect ourselves, in as much as it is within our control.

    The reality is our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is digitally everywhere, for sale from both reputable and disreputable companies. The horse has left the barn, never to return. That’s why we must be diligent and take the initiative a...

  • Minimizing Exposure to Identity Theft Series (Part 1 of 4)

    Posted in Board Brief on Apr 17, 2024

    Microsoft Email Malware Scam (Fraud)
    This is a VERY Important Alert!
    In recent months, people (including some of OUR members) have been reporting a malicious scam using Microsoft as the bait. Here is how it works.

    • You get an email from Microsoft. (Microsoft does not send you warnings about crimes you’ve committed or other such BAIT.)
    • It informs you malware (the SCARE) has been put on your phone, PC or tablet. (Microsoft does not inform you about a specific malware. If you are using Microsoft, Norton/Samantic, McAfee or any other security suite of products, they will remove the malware insta...

  • Digital Fraud Series - (Part 2 of 2)

    Posted in Board Brief on Mar 20, 2024

    Email Phishing Schemes

    Fraud continues to be rampant. Last month we highlighted new ways your phone is under attack. However, that does not mean scammers have moved away from email to your phone. This Board Brief reminds us phishing scams still abound. Scammers intend to get you to download malware. Remember, malware is designed to steal your passwords, your personal information or control your computer without your knowledge.

    What should you be looking for when you receive an email from an unknown source (or a source that seems legitimate like a vendor or bank)? The first step is to think, d...