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  • eWallet-A More Secure Way to Pay

    Posted in Board Brief on May 20, 2020

    Keep it in "Your" Hands

    As follow up to our APRIL 2020 Board Brief and as we prepare to bring you eWallet, we want to explain what eWallet is and how it works:

    More & more Merchant Point-of-Sales (POS) devices are NFC-enabled. NFC stands for Near-Field Communications. It's a fancy term meaning your mobile device and the POS terminal can talk to each other if both devices are NFC-enabled.

    eWallet reduces the risk of fraud. With eWallet, your device sends an encrypted "token" that is specific to your bank or credit card. It's like a high security password. Only your card company knows the card n...

  • eWallet-Keep it in "Your" Hands

    Posted in Board Brief on Apr 15, 2020

    Coming this summer, we are launching eWallet for our members. eWALLET is a more secure electronic payment option using your mobile device connected to your KTFCU debit or credit card.

    You will be eligible to use Apple Pay, Android/Google Pay and Samsung Pay in our initial rollout. In time, you will be eligible to use eWallet with other electronic device pay systems (Microsoft Wallet, VISA Checkout, Master Pass, Android Pay, LG Pay, FitBit Pay & Garmin Pay).

    This encryption technology (called Tokenization) is more secure because merchants and their employees will not have access to your payment...

  • Stories of Loss and Love

    Posted in Board Brief on Mar 18, 2020

    More and more adults are using the Internet to find companionship and love. While finding the right match is possible, there's growing risk more than your heart will be broken. Here is an all too typical story that has cost its victims money and heartache.

    Woman Believes she was a Victim of a Dating Scam Fraud
    A man she did not know, who claimed to be from the U.S. but temporarily in a foreign country (tending to family business and awaiting an inheritance), began communicating with her via Facebook Messenger. There was a common interest between the two, as the man also claimed to work in the...