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  • Website Series: New Features!

    Posted in Board Brief on Feb 15, 2023

    1st in the Series: Important New Website Features!

    What’s different about your KTFCU? We launched our new website https://kenteachfcu.com/ in October, 2022! The new site enhances how we engage you and make it easier for you to engage us.

    We’ve built many new features into our website to better serve you.

    • Quick access to Home Banking by clicking on the top right “Home Banking” button.
    • Our “Alert Banner!” that scrolls across the top of every page that provides critical information you need to be aware of like closings due to inclement weather.
    • ATM finder link to find the nearest ...

  • January is Scam Alert Month (Part 2)

    Posted in Board Brief on Jan 25, 2023

    So, what’s going on with these unwanted text messages?

    You may be noticing more and more uninitiated, unwanted text messages. They are dangerous. Beware!

    Some text messages come from companies when you've arranged upcoming appointments. Other communications may be alerts you’ve set up with other vendors like credit card companies. These kinds of text notices have something in common; you are expecting them based on the setting or arrangements you’ve made. Directly or indirectly, you requested these types of text communications.

    On the other hand, you may be getting unsolicited text messages wh...

  • January is Scam Alert Month (Part 1)

    Posted in Board Brief on Jan 18, 2023

    Have you heard of Check Washing?

    Unfortunately, it’s the latest scam. Check Washing is where a physical check is obtained illegally by bad actors. They use a solvent to erase the ink on the “Pay To” and “$ Amount” fields, insert a new Pay To and a much larger $ amount. They cash or deposit the check into an account controlled by them.

    How can you protect yourself against Check Washing?

    We recommend a couple solutions; actively manage your Share Draft balances and consider using Bill Pay.

    Actively managing your Share Draft account balances means you keep a smaller balance in your Share Draft a...