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  • Home Title Theft (Part 3)

    Posted in Board Brief on May 18, 2022

    The last two months Board Briefs looked at the purpose and value of Title insurance companies, as well as, Title Theft Insurance companies.This month, we look at who is most at risk in a Title theft scheme and why it’s not you.

    Who's Most at Risk? Title theft criminals try to dupe the buyer. Their play is to pose as the owner of a property and to get someone to purchase the property from them. Usually that means they are looking for a cash sale, rush to close without the usual real estate institutions involved (meaning there is no mortgage lien on the property).

    If you live on the property yo...

  • Home Title Theft (Part 2)

    Posted in Board Brief on Apr 20, 2022

    Last month’s Board Brief looked at the purpose and value of Title insurance companies. This month, we look at the claims of Title Theft Insurance, which is very different.

    Title Theft Insurance is sold by many legitimate companies. They claim criminals can create fraudulent ID’s and other documents, submit them to your local jurisdiction responsible for maintaining property records and have the title transferred without you knowing. While this is possible and can happen, it is difficult for criminals to accomplish. The chances of Title fraud are proportionately higher for vacant property and ...

  • Home Title Theft (Part 1)

    Posted in Board Brief on Mar 16, 2022

    We’re know the buying/selling housing market has been crazy. We've also seen plenty of scarey news items saying everyone is at risk of having their home stolen from under them by a crook who fraudulently forges their home title.

    It's important to know it's being overhyped by companies selling Identity protection and Title Fraud protection.

    This is a three-part series on what Title insurance is, what Title insurance protection is (and isn’t) and who is really at risk as far as homeownership and Title fraud is concerned.

    What exactly is HomeTitle Insurance?
    Title Insurance is a legitimate busine...