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Instant Issue VISA® Debit Card

Add an instant issue VISA® debit card to your Share Draft account, anytime!

The VISA® debit card is tied to your Share Draft account. When you apply, we literally issue the card while you are at the Credit Union. It only takes a few minutes. You walk out with your card ready to be used.

All transactions are deducted from your Share Draft account. Each transaction is detailed on your statement.

If time is not an issue, we can have your VISA® debit card mailed to you. But, why wait!

Benefits of adding a VISA® Debit card to your Share Draft account: 

Download PDF Form Option

Of course, for those of you who prefer to apply using a paper form, you can download a PDF form HERE. You can populate the form on your computer, print it out and deliver in person at the Credit Union.

You can email this information to newloans@kenteachfcu.com or fax it to (716) 877-6456.

Lost or Stolen VISA® Debit or Credit Card?

Call (727) 570-4881 to immediately block your card. Then call the KTFCU office so we can review your last transactions with you.