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Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection

Courtesy Pay is an overdraft protection service provided when you open a Share Draft (Checking) account.

Courtesy Pay covers you when you write a check or make arrangements for an ACH withdrawal but do not have the funds in your checking account. Courtesy Pay automatically covers the transaction for a nominal fee. This service allows you to avoid the embarrassment of your transaction being declined.

In addition, if you have our debit card, you can add Courtesy Pay for your debit card and ATM withdrawal transactions. You can submit your application by clicking on the button below. Once approved, Courtesy Pay covers you in the same way for a debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal as it does for check writing and ACH withdrawals for the same nominal fee.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Courtesy Pay for debit card and ATM withdrawals.

Put your mind at ease. Let us take care of the details.

Benefits of using Courtesy Pay: